you are loved - Lemon & Lime necklace
you are loved - Lemon & Lime necklace
you are loved

you are loved - Lemon & Lime necklace

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you are loved is a jewelery brand launched in 2020 by Sandra, and located in Switzerland. All products are handcrafted with finest materials with incredible care and attention to detail at every stage of their journey. Sandra believes that all attention and love she dedicates to each product, remains visible and perceptible - and we agree!!!


This delicate necklace is made of a mix of beautiful Amazonit and Moonstone and glass beads.

The hardware is silver-plated gold (24kt). All necklaces are handcrafted in Switzerland. They are made to order to keep as little wasted material as possible. Every necklace is unique, therefore the beads can vary slightly.

Length: 44 cm