Wavey Casa Oh Shit Candle
Wavey Casa

Wavey Casa Oh Shit Candle

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If the feeling of sudden realisation took the form of a candle, it would be this one. We know you’re a zen baddie, but sometimes shit happens. When it does, we like to put a flame to that mess and burn the stress away; after all, what’s the point in dwelling on mistakes and reliving past embarrassments.


Burn time 6.5 hours.

100% Eco Soy wax pillar candle 

"OH SHIT" candle purple & green

15cm x 5cm x 5cm


Can be used as a decorative piece



Every Wavey Casa candle is lovingly hand-poured using eco soy wax. We think they’re too cute to use, but if you feel a burning need to light it, please place on a small dish, or whatever non-flammable receptacle you have to hand, to catch the wax, and be sure to trim the wick to be ¼ inch first.