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The Glow Everything Oil

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If you could only take one product to a desert island, it should be Everything Oil. A mixture of light, anti-inflammatory oils for your face, body and hair. Suitable or all skin conditions, also for sensitive skin. 100% organic and cold-pressed oils to preserve their healing powers. Everything Oil gets your skin clear, calm and glowing. It’s a multi-tasking product which you can use to nourish your face, body and hair.

Jojoba oil helps skin retain moisture, is anti-inflammatory and helps to regulate the skin’s sebum production. Grape seed oil and hemp oil are light, anti-inflammatory oils full of valuable fatty acids and antioxidants. Apricot seed oil helps the skin to retain moisture, making it soft and smooth. Rosehip oil provides an extra portion of vitamins, antioxidants and stimulates collagen production, improves skin texture and helps against redness and irritation. The essential oils of lavender and mandarine have an antimicrobial and soothing effect on skin and soul.

How to use as an oil cleanser: Massage a small amount of Everything Oil onto uncleaned, dry skin to remove make-up, dirt and dead skin cells. Dip the Cleansing Cloth (or a washcloth) into very warm water and gently remove the oil. Your skin will be super clean, but not dried out.

How to use as a light moisturizer: Massage four to five drops of Everything Oil after cleansing onto the still moist skin to soothe it and seal the moisture in the skin. Pro-Tip: If your skin needs extra moisture, mix Everything Oil in the palm of your hand with Floral Essence to form a light emulsion and apply after cleansing like a normal cream.

Size: 50ml

(78€ per 100ml)

Ingredients: Jojoba oil / Sunflower seed oil / Hemp oil / Grape seed oil / Apricot kernel oil / Rosehip oil / Vitamin E / Essential oils of lavender and red mandarine