The Glow Essentails Set
The Glow

The Glow Essentails Set

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Your starter kit for radiantly beautiful skin! The five products are multifunctional and can replace any other facial care product in your bathroom. Whether cleanser, serum, toner or eye care - mix the essentials together and get everything you need for your ultra-pure skincare routine.


The Glow Essentials contains:

FLORAL ESSENCE (10ml) - our bestseller! Liquid moisturizing serum with botanical alternatives to hyaluronic acid and retinol.
EVERYTHING OIL (10ml) - Lightweight, moisturizing oil serum for clear, soothed and supple skin.
MASTER ELIXIR (5ml) - an active ingredient serum with the highest quality botanical ingredients in a bottle, the favorite of make-up artists.
CLEANSING CREAM (15ml) - gentle facial cleanser and mask in one product.
WONDERBALM (5ml) - our multitasking balm for a gorgeous glow
FREE: a cosmetic bag designed by illustrator Helena Ravenne

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