THE COUCOU CLUB Dry Brush / Trockenbürste
THE COUCOU CLUB Dry Brush / Trockenbürste
THE COUCOU CLUB Dry Brush / Trockenbürste
THE COUCOU CLUB Dry Brush / Trockenbürste
The CouCou Club

THE COUCOU CLUB Dry Brush / Trockenbürste

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Your body exfoliating brush, that will make your skin soft and blush

Dry brushing is a traditional Ayurvedic massaging technique to remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling super soft. The brush is made out of 100% FSC certified bamboo wood, natural bristles and rubber nodules. Brush softly over upper and lower body for the perfect exfoliation and skin detox. Ready? Let’s Dry Brush.


Loved by many and named one of the biggest TikTok trends of the moment! Suitable throughout the year, extra nice in the run-up to the Summer months. The hardness and firmness of the natural bristles is soft to medium, so it does not scratch the skin and makes it suitable for sensitive skin. Rubber nodules were added to the brush to stimulate blood circulation.


  • Exfoliate dead skin cells to improve penetration of your moisturizer 
  • Treat flaky skin and keratosis pilaris (aka strawberry skin) 
  • Unclog pores and detoxify the skin 
  • Boost blood circulation 
  • Get smoother, softer and brighter skin tone


Diameter: 11cm

  • FSC certified bamboo wood
  • Natural bristles
  • Rubber nodules

What's Ayurveda?
In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means ‘the science of life’. Ayurveda is a healthy lifestyle that emphasizes good health and prevention and treatment of illness through lifestyle practices. Garshana, (pronounced gar-shun-uh), is an ancient Sanskrit word which translates to 'friction by rubbing. Known as dry brushing, this Ayurvedic practice involves a stimulating massage to exfoliate and refresh your skin and revive the mind.