FARAYA Skin Icing Kit Pink Calming (Lavender)
FARAYA Skin Icing Kit Pink Calming (Lavender)

FARAYA Skin Icing Kit Pink Calming (Lavender)

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The Purifying Splash with fine lavender:

Corrects minor blemishes and helps heal acne
Soothes the skin (particularly pleasant after shaving or sun exposure!)
Promotes healing


Helps eliminate puffiness and the puffy appearance of the face (particularly useful in the morning!)
Reduces the appearance of pores and capillaries
Boosts blood circulation and tones the skin
Reduces skin inflammation such as menstrual pimples, acne or rosacea
Gently exfoliates the skin to stimulate the appearance of new cells
Some have even told us that ICEBOMB ® is much more effective than coffee for waking up! 🤭

The Corsican Fine Lavender Splash is alcohol-free, fragrance-free, preservative-free, and organically grown.



100% natural Lavandula angustifolia water

For a better conservation, keep in a cool place.


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