Sister St. Georg & Dragon GOLD Charm // Anhänger
Sister St. Georg & Dragon GOLD Charm // Anhänger

Sister St. Georg & Dragon GOLD Charm // Anhänger

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The most widespread narrative of St George is set in the town of Silene where, according to legend, a beast, most often a dragon, terrorized the inhabitants and prevented them from accessing water. Being pagan, the superstitious townspeople came to believe that offering young virgins as a sacrifice to the monster would keep the town safe. One day, it was the king’s daughter who was chosen for sacrifice, and despite his pleas, his daughter was sent to the lake. The dragon emerged from the water, when suddenly St George appeared on a radiant white horse, armed with spear, shield, and sword. Making the sign of the Cross, and calling upon the Holy Trinity, St George pierced the dragon with his spear, whilst his horse trampled the serpent under its hooves. He commanded the princess to bind the neck of the dragon with her belt and lead the beast back to the town. The miraculous intervention of George led to the conversion of the whole town to the Christian faith. This fairy-tale like story is read more symbolically in contemporary Christianity as good conquering evil.

Handmade in Cyprus
Material: 925 sterling silver, gold plated
Colour: yellow gold
Clasp: eyelet
Size: ø 25mm

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