Papier D'Armenie Duftpapier Traditon (green)
Papier D'Armenie Duftpapier Traditon (green)
Papier D'Armenie

Papier D'Armenie Duftpapier Traditon (green)

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Incense as a paper, ancient room deodorizer - Papier d'Armenie (Paper of Armenia) has many descriptions, but none lives up to this product. These small papers have been trusted for more than one hundred years to quickly and naturally purify the air with a warm, familiar ambiance. The benzoin balm on the papers has antiseptic, healing and expectorant properties, which has been used to treat asthma, coughs and hoarseness.

Scent: Frankincense

How to use: Fold a single paper accordian-style, light at the end and quickly blow it out allowing it to burn slowly on a fire-proof dish.
Pro-Tip: Use after cooking or near the family pet :)

Size: 12 sheets of 3 single papers