Merme Berlin Facial Glow Mist / 100% Organic Rosewater & Mica

Merme Berlin Facial Glow Mist / 100% Organic Rosewater & Mica

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A shimmering addition to our best-selling antioxidant spray.

Made with pure rose water and mica, our Glow Mist creates the illusion of a smoother complexion by reflecting light off your face.

The Glow Mists are made from pure mica - a group of natural silicate minerals that are ground into a shiny powder to create iridescent, glittering pigments. Hence the name "nature's glitter"! Our Glow Mist makes skin glow and adds natural highlights, all without harsh chemicals found in most conventional products.

MERME Glow Mist is 100% natural and vegan. Size: 100ml


Details: - Non-comedogenic - I won't clog your pores

- Even - I create the appearance of a flawless complexion by reflecting light off your face

- Subtle - I impart a subtle, translucent glow that doesn't look overdone

- Buildable - I can be applied as often as desired to enhance the glow

- Versatile - I can be used on the face, body, or even hair - and on both no-makeup skin and over makeup


How to use: Shake well - and glow! It's the perfect setting spray or the desired boost on makeup-free days. Spray a few pumps on your face and marvel at the subtle glow it gives.

Ingredients:Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide (CI77019, CI77891, CI77491)

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