Makagi AJ 4 Sneaker Candles
Makagi AJ 4 Sneaker Candles
Makagi AJ 4 Sneaker Candles

Makagi AJ 4 Sneaker Candles

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"Sneaker style candle: Trendy decorative candle made from vegan soy wax | two sizes for your style!"

In the mood for style and coziness? Then take a look at the Air Jordan 4 sneaker style candle! A real eye-catcher for your home that not only looks stylish, but also smells great.

The sneaker candles are not only eye-catching, but also environmentally friendly. Makagi uses vegan soy wax - 100% sustainable and free from animal ingredients. So you're not only pimping up your home, but also giving Mother Nature a high-five.

Do you like Choices? We got you! The sneaker decorative candles are available in two sizes - small for the cozy corner and big for the main event in your living room. And the best thing about it: they even smell amazing - not like your real AF1s in summer.

Freshness has never been so easy!

Weight / Size / Scent / Color:

small: 175g - 13 x 7,5 cm  - smells like Lime Basil & Mandarine / Pearl

big: 1,05 kg - 23,5 x 13 cm - smells like Lime Basil & Mandarin / Pearl


Made in Austria.