Lala Berlin x Merme Berlin SOOTHING EYE & LIP THERAPY Cucumber Seed Oil

Lala Berlin x Merme Berlin SOOTHING EYE & LIP THERAPY Cucumber Seed Oil

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LALA x MERME Cucumber Seed Oil is organic, vegan and free of chemicals. An intensely nourishing eye and lip oil rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid (omega 6) to restore firmness and elasticity.

Suitable for all skin types, including mature and sensitive skin.

Ingredient: 100% organic cucumber seed oil.

INCI: Cucumis Sativus Seed Oil

Quantity: 10ml

Odor: odorless

With its powerful nutrients, our cucumber seed oil is an excellent anti-aging agent for the delicate eye and lip area. Its anti-inflammatory and soothing vitamin E works to combat skin damage caused by harmful environmental factors, as well as eye wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet.

High in phytosterols, our Soothing Eye & Lip Therapy oil also stimulates collagen production to keep skin elastic, firm and toned.

Linoleic acid, along with oleic acid, which is also unsaturated, strengthens the skin barrier, moisturizes and prevents dryness. This helps to keep the skin smooth and prevent new wrinkles.

The gentle roller can reduce puffiness of the eyes due to its cooling effect.


LALA x MERME Gurkensamenöl ist biologisch, vegan und frei von Chemikalien. Ein intensiv pflegendes Augen- und Lippenöl, das reich an Vitamin E und Linolsäure (Omega 6) ist, um die Festigkeit und Elastizität wiederherzustellen.

Geeignet für alle Hauttypen, einschließlich reifer und empfindlicher Haut.

Inhaltsstoff: 100% Bio-Gurkensamenöl

INCI: Cucumis Sativus-Samenöl

Menge: 10ml

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