Herbar Gua Shroom L & Mini
Herbar Gua Shroom L & Mini
Herbar Gua Shroom L & Mini

Herbar Gua Shroom L & Mini

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Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Gua-Shroom is a tool to encourage lymphatic drainage for smoother and more toned looking skin.

Herbar’s unique Gua-Shroom shape was carefully designed by Herbar to perfectly smooth
over your skin. Take a few minutes out of your day to give your body some extra TLC. 

How to use:

1. Warm 3 to 5 drops of Herbar’s Face Oil in the palms of your hands.
2. Lightly press hands onto cleansed, dry or damp skin.
3. Holding the stalk of the Gua-Shroom, press the cap onto your skin gently.
4. Glide your Gua-Shroom over your face repeatedly from the center outwards 

Options: Dalmatian, Tiger Eye, two mini Dalmatian



In Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians are pathways through which Qi (vital energy) flows. They can become blocked or imbalanced. Applying pressure to points
along our meridians (aka acupressure) is an effective way to restore balance in the body.

Cooling and calming.
For all skin types.
Crafted from natural Tiger Eye and Dalmation gemstones, pick your power and let the shroom do its magic.
Every Gua-Shroom will be unique.

Packaging: A terry cloth bag that doubles as a face clot, visual reprogramming for a greener Earth.