Health Bar Matcha Whisk // Matcha Besen
Health Bar

Health Bar Matcha Whisk // Matcha Besen

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Health Bar

The Berlin label was launched in 2021 with the offer of the first organic matcha. This developed into a unique brand with a focus on a healthy lifestyle and its own product line. Protecting nature & the environment is a top priority during harvesting, production and packaging.


Matcha whisk made from 100% golden bamboo

Filigree bamboo whisk (chasen) with 80 struts. The bamboo whisk was made by hand from a single piece of golden bamboo. With the fine struts, matcha tea can be stirred and whisked quickly and easily. Indispensable for the traditional preparation of matcha tea.

Each whisk is handmade and unique.



After use, it is important to clean the match broom with water only and not to use detergent. Simply hold the broom under warm running water and gently brush it out with your hands. Alternatively, you can soak the whisk in warm water for 1 minute. The preparation should then be repeated without matcha powder in order to clean the broom optimally. Now shake out the broom briefly over the sink and leave to dry with the struts facing downwards. Otherwise, mold could form in the handle. Ideally, the broom should be placed in a suitable "Chasen Yasume" matcha broom holder.

Size: ‎16,4 x 10 x 6,4 cm Weight: 50g