Health Bar Matcha Traditional 30g
Health Bar

Health Bar Matcha Traditional 30g

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Health Bar

The Berlin label was launched in 2021 with the offer of the first organic matcha. This developed into a unique brand with a focus on a healthy lifestyle and its own product line. Protecting nature & the environment is a top priority during harvesting, production and packaging.


The Ceremonial Grade ground green tea is grown in Uji, Japan. The region is known for its clean water and nutrient-rich soil, free from pesticides. The leaves of the Tencha tea are hand-picked here, gently steamed and then ground with granite stones.

The certified organic Matcha impresses with its almost neon green color, its sweet, creamy umami taste - free of any bitterness!

The Traditional Matcha contains leaves from the first and second harvest. The taste is more intense. You can really taste the herbal notes without the matcha being bitter. We would tend to use the Traditional whenever you add milk. Milk absorbs a lot of the matcha flavor.

Note: Please store in a cool and dry place!

Ingredients: 100 % organic matcha

Size. 30g