Health Bar Matcha Ceremonial 30g
Health Bar

Health Bar Matcha Ceremonial 30g

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Health Bar

The Berlin label was launched in 2021 with the offer of the first organic matcha. This developed into a unique brand with a focus on a healthy lifestyle and its own product line. Protecting nature & the environment is a top priority during harvesting, production and packaging.


The Ceremonial Grade ground green tea is grown in Uji, Japan. The region is known for its clean water and nutrient-rich soil, free from pesticides. The leaves of the Tencha tea are hand-picked here, gently steamed and then ground with granite stones.

The certified organic Matcha impresses with its almost neon green color, its sweet, creamy umami taste - free of any bitterness!

Ceremonial Matcha contains only leaves from the first harvest. It has a very mild taste. Ideal if you drink the matcha pure.

Note: Please store in a cool and dry place!

Ingredients: 100 % organic matcha

Size. 30g