Cosmic Dealer Ayurvedic Herbal Tea SHE SLEPT FOR 100 YEARS
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Cosmic Dealer Ayurvedic Herbal Tea SHE SLEPT FOR 100 YEARS

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SHE SLEPT FOR 100 YEARS: Grilled buckwheat, hemp, green & red rooibos, Ayurvedic herbs.

Our Ayurvedic infusion for deep and restorative sleep.

- Toasty buckwheat (grown and roasted in Brittany) gives the body a warm embrace, coaxing it into relaxation with subtle notes of caramel.
- CBD-rich hemp flowers and Ayurvedic herbs (like cinnamon, star anise and fennel) seduce the mind into a deep slumber.

It’s satisfying, it’s comfy, it’s like falling asleep next to Bambi on a warm forest floor.

Ingredients: roasted buckwheat,* green rooibos,* red rooibos,* hemp leaves,* hemp flowers,* cinnamon,* star anise,* fennel fruit
*From Organic farming



Our deep sleep tea - She Slept for 100 Years - has hemp flowers and leaves that naturally contain CBD.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound in the hemp plant, and known to have a calming effect on the body & mind. The flowers and leaves are cultivated in Germany and Austria, lab tested, and guaranteed to contain less than 0.2% THC. THC is the compound more commonly found in the 'cannabis' plant (not hemp), and known for having a psychoactive effect or giving you a 'high'. So basically no, our tea does not get you high ;)

We use hemp in the mix not only for its license to chill, but because of its beautiful flavour: high quality hemp tea is delish.

If you would like to boost the bioavailability of the CBD in the tea, try mixing in a little coconut oil in: CBD is absorbed better into the body with healthy fats.



SHE SLEPT FOR 100 YEARS contains hemp with naturally occurring CBD, which is generally not recommended during pregnancy.