beVIVID Water Bottle BUBBLE / Glas-Trinkflasche 850ml

beVIVID Water Bottle BUBBLE / Glas-Trinkflasche 850ml

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Feel like drinking more water?

Then beVIVID is the ideal water bottle to have your water always at hand. Choose your size: 250ml, 500ml or 850ml

Created for those who prefer to drink water without microplastics and weird aftertastes. Make a conscious impact on your daily water ritual. You'll be amazed at how easy it is with beVIVID.

Why you need beVIVID

Drink healthy without microplastics
Water without a strange smell
Design & colors spread good mood immediately
100% more fun drinking water
reusable everywhere & infinitely

Material & bottle care

High quality & lightweight borosilicate glass
Supersoft & high quality silicone sleeve
Drinking bottle incl. sleeve & lid are dishwasher safe
BPA-free | Toxin-free

Sizes & Empty Weight

850ml: 9,5cm x 8cm | 380g