RMS Brightening Brush / Highlighter Pinsel

RMS Brightening Brush / Highlighter Pinsel

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highlighter, make up brush, retractable, tapered brush, vegan

A secret weapon for sensuously highlighting those special little features on the face. This delicate, retractable brush can be used with RMS Beauty luminizers to highlight the inner eye corners (near the L-shaped tear duct), down the bridge of the nose (for the appearance of a longer, slimmer nose) and the bow of the lips (to give the illusion of a sexy, pouty mouth).

Highlighter, Make-up-Pinsel, rausdrehbar, angeschrägter Pinsel, vegan

Entworfen für die Augenwinkel (nahe den Tränendrüsen), den Nasenrücken und Lippenbogen. Verwende den feinen, einfahrbaren Pinsel zusammen mit dem RMS Living Luminizer um genau diese Stellen hervorzuheben.